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I am Kenneth Leslie Graves, a 57 year old Social Worker, and I was born and raised in New York City. My childhood interest in detective and science fiction stories creep into my writing. I began in February 2010 and, as of March, 2011- I have produced a number of crime adventure science fiction novels with a twist of mythology. All of my work, to date, is based on a single storyline. These materials are in paperback or available on e-readers. Starting with adult material, the storyline has led me to develop a future series that falls into the science fiction genre for teenagers and above, while remaining true to the crime adventure category. I have been a lucid dreamer since age eleven. While writing, I found that the storyline played out in diverse ways in my dreams. Frankly, I did not know what lucid dreaming was until I did research for the dream caster, teenage series. My method of writing is to mull over ideas for a story. I dream about the storyline, and then test out the dream content with the conscious plot I've devised. To support my fictional characters, I employ caricatures of people I know, or know of in the story. After I get their feedback and consent, I continue to develop the plot, and once again, present the material to them for feedback and consent. I plan to continue the dream caster series as e-books of short length, similar to the novella art form. Meanwhile, I have two unpublished crime adventure, mythology novels for which I seek a publisher. The teen appropriate dream caster materials, has evolved into an idea for a science fiction soap opera, using situations from my earlier creations which I felt were buried in those creations. Rediscovering those situations, have given me new ideas, hence the newly released soap opera material, a mix of crime adventure, science fiction and erotica. I am only one year into writing and it has been the most exciting time of my life. I posted an index card in my home office that says "Novel writing is like Mountain Climbing." It has been an amazing climb. The goal of my SCI-SOAP OPERA is to provide bags of spicy potato chips, not full course meals. These releases are inexpensive and I plan to keep them that way.

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