Lords of Lorn

By pauldougall

HUMANITIES - 148 words

Once upon a time, some nine hundred years ago, somewhere between northern Ireland and western Scotland, a great warrior was born, and his name was Somerled. This is the story of Somerled and his son Dubhgall mac Somerled, Lords of Lorn, of their blend of Celtic ancestry from the ancient Kingdom of Dal Riada with Norse blood after three centuries of Viking domination. It is also the story of their descendants, the seafaring Duncan macDubghall, Ewen of Argyll son of Duncan, Alexander of Argyll son of Ewen, and his own son, John of Lorn, and of their domination of west Scotland throughout the thirteenth century. And how with their fearsome fleets of galleys, they challenged and battled the Norse invaders, the Anglo-Norman barons of Scotland, the English invaders, the Norse of the Kingdom of Man, and eventually (to their ultimate demise), Robert the Bruce, King of Scots.

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I am not sure this actually downloaded yet. It has taken a long time and the timers is still showing it to be downloading.- scott
2013-12-05 10:28:55

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